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quejas y denuncias

Mini Charla
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20-05-2014 08:51
Ya no hacéis nada en la radio o que ??? VAGOS!!!!!! jajaja

27-12-2012 14:44
Actualizando sistema web... Que nos comen los chinos!!!

27-11-2012 21:48
ostiaaaa xikos aki esta el revolucionario jajajaja si me necesitais agregarme dj.poseso@hotmail.
com un besuzo y abruzo

05-09-2012 09:34
Q abandonado tenia esto..Desde q vivo en ibiza..Jaja Saludos a todos..

08-03-2012 16:52

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:: DEEP HOUSE :: The Clone Dj - Deep Is My House [DT024]

01. The Clone Dj - Deep Is My House (Original Mix)
02. The Clone Dj - Deep Sea (Original Mix)
02. The Clone Dj - I Don't Know (Original Mix)

► http://www.downtech.net/2017/09/DT024.html

Digital Vapor Music: "Beat has a really good feel to it and the synth work does a great job setting the mood of the song"
Uallas: "This IS deep. Those chords go really will with everything else going on. Solid percussion choices bro keep making this!"
XSiV: "From the first note you can feel the energy of this track. Great production and flow"
Snare Troll: "This house is deep! im diggin the bass and the claps have a nice reverb on em. the sound selection is great and its mastered very well"
Clubfungus: "Chilled warm deep dark atmosphere to this housey styled progression! I felt kick could hit through more and the beats a little brighter! Transitions sound smooth and the vibe generated is good!"
FClown: "Really good deep house, the clap is really good and the bass is brutal"
T2M: "Within the first ten seconds I was feeling the song, the groove is on point, the mix is not bad either"
SHAOLIN FUNK: "mm this house is deep. i like the calmness and suttle drops with the bell like synth feels like i been walking through mt moon"
Lord Have Mercy: "You definitely got my attention with this one all of the elements are precisely done in a very masterful arrangement mixdown is superb keep it up"
Felanso: "Nice bass line. The kick sounds also very clear and I like your style. Keep it up"
Need For Trap: "Yesss nice chords there! and realy good distribution! hit hat percussion realy cool too nice work!"
Squaresyntax: "Really smooth beat on this track here man! Diggin the solid flow. Great work on those leads man!"
Assburger: "This is so futuristic sounding and i really love this man. Im a fan of happy sounding melodies, and this is just kind of netrual, and that is where i feel the futuristic sounding comes from."
FTF-Paco: "Good voices , i like the tempo you set , also all the music its really good."
Saving Grace: "Good track man. The kick needs to be louder and needs to be spread out for a fuller sound, but nice track man."
ToY bOy SMiTTY: "Good sound patches on this melodic good drums punchy deep house groove would be a perfect tune for the clubs"
FLY aka Harvi: "muy guapo!"
Morbid-Psyder: "Nice production... Dope work!!"

► iTunes: http://smarturl.it/DT024-iTunes
► Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/deep-is...
► Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/00BoJO...

Downtech Music is a Deep House, Techno and Tech House Label, created in 2010 with releases of other styles like; Electro, Minimal...
Electronic music online. International DJ agency, club events... In our web you can buy and download music in mp3, wav and free discjockey sets.
Downtech Music - Artist - Videos - Demos

Visit us and get the new releases, Free mp3 tracks and deejays sets of our djs and producers:
JackLNDN, Keener, Dhyan Droik, Marfel, Carlos Beltran, Ben Wood, Vlada D'Shake, Deep Roots, Anthony Brahv, James Starkie, DeadBot, Rubecula, AdbeatS, Alex Justicia, Xperimental, Davhelos...

1.bp.blogspot.com/-0nPgJauQybc/VbrSQQLf3iI/AAAAAAAAHkw/IpasTe5ZgpQ/s1600/logo-facebook2.gif Facebook/downtech
2.bp.blogspot.com/-JDE7Idq38Rk/VbrSRFYPp1I/AAAAAAAAHk4/5Fiyl6IVh9I/s1600/logo-youtube2.gif Youtube/downtechmusic
3.bp.blogspot.com/-7TIf2rbkJCE/WgjGK3gQKeI/AAAAAAAAAd4/sweBWyBvYTc5OLLwKpoSqWk9nO0LlQZwwCLcBGAs/s1600/logo-twitter2.gif Twitter/downtech

Enjoy the Music!!!
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